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The Veterans Forge is set at the foot of the Purbeck Hills near Corfe Castle in Dorset. it has been set up to allow veterans the opportunity to have a break from everyday life and enjoy a relaxed rural location whilst being given the help and support they need. They can offer veterans the chance to spend time in the forge learning black smithing skills. In groups of 4 to 6 at a time, they can support these individuals on projects to aid with increasing skills and also encouraging a positive mental attitude and maintaining their psychological well-being. They want to forge people as well as iron. The ability to make metalwork items to take home will be one of the achievements of their stay. There aim is to introduce half day through to whole week courses and we will help with arranging accommodation. They will also be training there staff to gain a basic first aid qualification. If you are a veteran and would like to find out more about spending time with them or you are a qualified blacksmith or Farrier that would like to get involved or you have other skills that you think would be of use to us then please contact them at theveterans@theveteransforgecic.com

100% of the profit for the below products goes to The Veterans Forge Charity.

The Veterans Forge C.I.C

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The Veterans Forge C.I.C

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The Veterans Forge C.I.C

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